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Did Ranbir Kapoor try to copy Charlie Chaplin in Barfi!???
Ranbir Kapoor’s character in Barfi has been compared to Charlie Chaplin as well of his grandfather Raj Kapoor. However, Ranbir denies the news, saying he did not copy the maestro of comedy, neither his grandfather, but just incorporated what his director had asked him to do.

“Chaplin is the father of comedy, all actors who have come in the industry have been influenced by him. My grandfather Raj Kapoor himself was inspired by Chaplin. But I have not tried to copy him in ‘Barfi’, I have tried to play ‘Barfi’ in my own and Anurag Basu’s way,” he said.

Ranbir has no dialogues in Barfi!, as he essays the role of a dumb and mute boy. He says, the film was more of a game of dumb charades to him.

“I enjoyed playing this character. There were no dialogues. I used to go on the set, play dumb charades and come back,” Ranbir said, while promoting his film in Mumbai.

Through out the making of the film, Ranbir had to keep in mind that the audience are able to relate to his character, and the director of the film, Anurag basu, gave him all the freedom to do what he thought best.

“I was frustrated that I didn’t even say one dialogue or sing a song. A Hindi film hero wants to have a dialogue or sing songs, but it was a fun experience. But I had a lot of freedom on the set. Anurag Basu just wanted that my character must have relatability with the audience. They must be able to understand what I am feeling,” he said.

Ranbir was relaxed, calm and composed through out the film, all credit goes to the director’s “happy, jovial nature”. The film was like a “breath of fresh air”.

“I am very excited and am looking forward to it. ‘Rockstar ‘was an intense film for me, so after the shooting I was a little depressed and detached. This film is like a breath of fresh air, it’s a happy film like the initial films of Chaplin. It’s joyful and entertaining. Like a family film,” he said.

“Anurag Basu is a very happy, jovial person and I feel the director’s personality always reflects in the film. I feel when you see the film, you will see a lot of him. Everyone will like the film,” he added.

Also starring Priyanka Chopra and Ileana D’ cruz, Barfi! is slated to release on Sep 14.

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